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Below are examples of charter catamarans, monohulls and powerboats. We have many, many more to choose from, but here are a few examples of different lengths and sizes to give you an idea of what is available so we may find the one that fits your needs for your charter. Contact us to get more information on all inclusive, half-boards and captain only charters.

(Please note that the rates and descriptions were current at the time of publishing and since may have changed. Inquire to get current rates and descriptions)


Sailing on a catamaran is so roomy and comfortable that it’s like being on a floating, luxurious condo. There is plenty of space and privacy for all and each one is beautifully decorated.


Monohulls are the true, original sailboat and are great for the sailing enthusiasts. If you are acquainted with the term “rails in the water,” then you have been sailing on a monohull.


If you desire a more high powered, fast charter, then charter powerboats are for you. Getting from point A to point B quickly, but in a relaxed and elegant setting, you can't go wrong chartering a powerboat.

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